Company profile

 Founded in 2020, Hebei Faman Food Technology CO.,LTd. is a research and development, production, sales and service of innovative flavor manufacturing enterprises, a group of outstanding researchers in the industry. A new force suddenly rises. With good reputation, first-class service and a new force in the industry, we have continuously hatched products that satisfy the needs of the market and users. China is one of the most competitive enterprises in the Chinese flavor industry.

technical strength

In Hebei Shijiazhuang autonomous region, it has independent technology research and development center, and has a technical team composed of many domestic and foreign deep flavors and all kinds of senior technicians, equipped with advanced international R & D, analysis, testing and application equipment. Advanced equipment and first-class talents provide better operation guarantee and support for the development and quality improvement of flavor and new products. Based on the forefront of international scientific and technological development, grasp the latest trend, timely apply advanced new technologies, new processes and new raw materials to products, ensure the high quality and safety of products and enhance the competitiveness of core technologies.

R & D team

With the ingenuity to develop every product, with their rich experience and unlimited creativity, we can deduce the unique and innovative artwork. We get the inspiration from nature, and study every flower, fruit, spice, fragrance and plant, and enhance the technical level of the fragrance industry as a whole.

Application team

The company is also equipped with more than 20 senior food application engineers. The team has witnessed the rapid development of the beverage industry, accumulated rich practical experience and formed a set of scientific and perfect management system. Team members are young, energetic and innovative, and provide customers with excellent product solutions from the product application end.

R & D equipment

The company has advanced gas chromatograph, high-pressure liquid chromatograph, atomic absorption spectrometer, refractive densitometer and other testing equipment to strictly detect and control raw materials and products. And has passed the certification and registration of ISO9001 quality management system and HACCP (hazard analysis and key control points), and the safety management system as a commitment to product quality and safety.

Testing Center
To achieve the industry first-class laboratory

Laboratory, physical and chemical analysis room, precision instrument room, application laboratory, microbiology laboratory, etc.


Brookfield series viscometer

Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometer

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Atomic fluorescence photometer




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